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Allure Flooring Review Do-it-Yourself Made so Easy

Allure flooring review will allow you to discover why this flooring type is enthralling almost everybody. Made from rigid vinyl material, Allure flooring review will allow you to discover why this flooring type is enthralling almost everybody. Made from rigid vinyl material, allure flooring is now a perfect key for homeowners looking for “wooden floors” with reasonable price. This flooring may look as it is wood, but then it is tougher and sturdier since it does not get wet or damp easily. Because of that, it can be put down in any room of the house and homeowners are simply awed with the effect it brings to their home plus the great savings it gives to those with tight budget. Browse through this simple allure flooring review and find out what you can get out of it.

allure flooring

allure flooring

Allure Flooring Review

Cost effectiveness of Allure Flooring

This type of flooring is cheap as compared to other types of laminates. It can only cost as low as $2.00/square foot in the majority of hardware depot. Actually, it can be really said that it is cheaper because of the great benefit you can get from installing allure flooring in your homes. You will no longer worry about cracking because of water leaks.

Allure flooring DIY installation

Other than the cost, it does not need a skilled homeowner to fix this kind of flooring for their home. The do-it-yourself vinyl flooring plank has been introduced at many home improvement stores and depot but being offered under the umbrella of allure flooring. This 6 inch x 36 inch plank is just like the typical vinyl sheet. It was made according to this specification so that it will be much easier to install. Most allure flooring reviews suggest that if you will do the installation by yourself, the following shall be observed for the best finishing effect:

  • Prior to installation, place the boxes in the room where the allure flooring will be installed for it to get used with the temperature.
  • Ensure that the room is free from moist and debris. Check also what kind of moisture barrier you need to apply on the sub-floor.
  • For irregularly shaped rooms, you need to do a little measurement to cut the flooring planks to fit just right.

However, since this has just been introduced recently, there are only limited options.

Allure flooring pros and cons

  •  Being affordable and easy to install is the top advantage of this flooring.
  •  You can choose between the locking planks or the sticky planks.
  •  It can be installed in any room of your home.
  •  Tougher and sturdier than any type of vinyl with the realistic-looking wood floor.


  • Once installed, it will be difficult to remove.
  •  As it can be installed in any room, the temperature must be controlled otherwise, the flooring may crease.
  •  The flooring may not be environment friendly because it is made up of fossil fuels

Despite the allure flooring pros and cons, it can be said that it is a good product that can generate a classy wood look for just a small percentage of cost.

Allure flooring review has provided you with an overview of how inexpensive and easy to install.

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